The blazing sky and the fairy lights


Death and the strange love part 9

Deception was having the time of her life. Her mischief had no limits and she used it to the best of her abilities to make life a living hell for the child. On one occasion, at a Christmas party at her aunt’s place, Deception held her head under the water longer than it was needed while she was playing Apple Bobbing.That was the beginning of her fear, the sure tell signs that only Death could see. She had come up wailing while everyone else was trying to figure out what happened. On another occasion, Deception and his brother Doom pushed her off the swing while she was trying to learn how to do it on her own.

They enjoyed watching her fail. Failure equaled disappointment something they fed off on. They gained their power through the negativity that humans experience.The problem with being the target of his siblings is that they would never leave you. They would always be there. Lurking, waiting for the opportunity to ruin your life. They are the profanities that emerge from your mouth every time you show your anger on someone, the vulgar thoughts in your mind, everytime you get suspicious. When they come, there is an eerie coldness that you feel, it surrounds you and gives you an unexpected jolt, sort like an “I’m here” feeling, a warning and you just know something bad is about to happen. They blow their cold breath into your face and see you twist with confusion at the sudden change in the temperature of the room you are in. His siblings were merciless, always feeding off the energy of humans without them even realizing it.Death was fuming when he found out about this. He cornered her that night under the apartment of her aunt’s place where the Christmas party had taken place earlier that evening.It was dark and everyone had gone to bed. But not Deception, night time was her time. The time to sneak into people’s homes and steal things, misplace things intentionally so that in the morning the members of the house would blame each for missing things. She was as tall as death with long hair that reached her hips. She was often seen wearing a long sleek black coat that complimented her tall figure rather well. Her face was sporting her favorite black lipstick that she always wore. He appeared behind her and grabbed her by the arm. She turned immediately to see who her attacker was with a blazing glare but relaxed once she saw it was him. “ Well, Well, Good evening brother.” She said with a smirk. He frowned and threw her against a nearby tree. The loud thud that her body made as it collided with the trunk of the tree could have woken up anyone but it remained silent. She slumped against the tree, her hair now a black mess all around her face. She slowly regained her footing and tried to get up but dizziness took over so she leaned against the tree for a few seconds before using her hands to support herself. She slowly looked up at him her eyes blazing with hatred, “What the hell was that for you bastard !” she screeched. “I should ask you the same question.” He growled.

She rolled her eyes and attempted to shove him off her, but he had her in a death grip. When she finally gave up, she stared at him in frustration and yelled: “What do you want!” Death tightened his grip around her slim neck, secretly hoping it would snap. A human would have died in seconds if they were strangled like this, but not his siblings. He would have to deal with the wrath of his Father and that was not something he was prepared to do. He slowly released his grip on his vile sister and backed away from her while she gasped for air. She adjusted her coat and tangled hair and gave him a dirty look.

“Stay. Away. From. Her.” He said firmly.

She shrugged and replied, “ I honestly have no idea what you are talking about.”

“You know. Stay away from her or else.”

“Or else what? Are you going to kill me? You can’t do shit.”

He stalked toward her with a menacing look, “ If she cries, I will finish you.”

She seemed to consider what he had said, her face lowered and hair covering most of it. But then she looked up at him with her famous smirk and disappeared before he could say any more. He sighed in frustration and ran a hand through his hair. She was not going to stop her antics, he was sure of it. His little girl was going to have to deal with her, it was that nothing could be done, his interference would cost him his ability to ever see her again and he didn’t want to risk it. If his parents found out about his fascination with her, he would lose her. He couldn’t lose her. He wouldn’t lose her.

Death and the strange love part 8


Death is inevitable. Everybody dies. Our time on this Earth is unfortunately limited. As humans it is our duty to live, endure and experience everything.Our  bodies are temporary vessels and we have to take care of them. However we resort to violence to get what we want. Violence doesn’t have to be bloodshed it can also be the breaking of one’s soul. Death had seen it countless times. A soul is something eternal. It can occupy multiple vessels in various time frames.

The most interesting thing: We don’t get to choose when we are born or what we are born as.

Every soul starts out pure, but through experience and heartbreak it suffers  slow and silently . That was the thing Death didn’t understand, the cruelty of the human race, why was everyone so horrible to each other? Is status really that important? Is money really a necessity ? In the end it was not going to matter because when humans die they couldn’t bring any of these things with them to the afterlife. All that is left is experience and memory. All that remains is eternal. She was never like other humans, his girl.  She loved her life, no matter how pathetic it got. The worst part was that it wasn’t her fault. She was too young  to feel such sorrow and yet she came across it countless times. The place that she lived in made it extremely convenient for Deception and the rest of his siblings to find her. Singapore was small but well-known. There was and would never be another country like it. That was what made it difficult for her to escape their clutches. Singapore was compact with residential areas that  were easy to locate. This made it easier to track her. 

She would remain in Singapore for the rest of her life. For she would never leave it. She couldn’t because her fate was tied with the country and it’s soil. She would always feel like leaving, many people felt like leaving after a while to seek out their fortune somewhere else. But she couldn’t, her place was there on that island.