Death and the strange love part 8

It began. Swiftly and mercilessly, the turn of events that would plague her weak little heart for the rest of time. She was a person who loved life, she wore her heart on her sleeve. She was a vulnerable soul easily swayed by words. Death knew that whatever his siblings had in store for her was going to change her for the worst. It began when she woke up on her fourth birthday, there was a change in atmosphere, something in the wind. She didn’t feel right as if an immense amount of dread had suddenly surrounded her, but her young mind was not able to comprehend the beginning of a series of unfortunate events. With her arm in a cast, she tried to get back into the normal routine of things but, it wasn’t the same. They came to her and whispered negativity into her ears every night. She felt the coldness of their lips, the long sharp talons on her arms. They came to her in her dreams, made her run and scream and panic.

The damage had already been done to her wrist and she now had a hairline fracture which caused swelling and an immense amount of discomfort for her.Deception and Nemesis, invaded her privacy, her mind was their playground and they had their sick fun. She slowly but surely lost herself each year, becoming more reserved than the last. There was a kind of fear that grew with her from toddler to girlhood. Her parents didn’t notice immediately, but somehow she did. She knew there was something wrong with herself, but soon her sense of awareness was also blurred by the fact that they forced her small mind to be trapped in a small egoistic cage. She couldn’t think beyond her current environment, her creativity was gone. She lived in a bubble, her id took over and it enjoyed the consequences of being able to have free reign over her. Her world was crumbling, before her very eyes and she wasn’t even aware of it.

The words never came out right, she started holding back from saying anything.That happened a lot, there were constant doubt and humiliation for not being able to answer someone confidently. Her behavior itself did a complete one-eighty. It was pathetic to watch, knowing that she was supposed to be a better version of whatever they were making her become. Nobody was aware of the changes she was experiencing because they were busy with the move. Her parents had purchased a new home and were preparing for the move. It was a beach house, a house near the beach was a great place to grow up in they thought as they packed away their things. Death wished that they had paid closer attention to the signs, that their daughter was slowly fading away. She was wilting from the inside.




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