Death and the strange love

Just a quick update, I now realize that I have yet to specify the context of this story. SMH, I guess I was too focused on the characters that I totally forgot about that. The setting has always been a problem whenever I write stories, I can just never get the location right. Yo make things clearer to the readers of this story, The setting takes place in Singapore because I live here and why not right?The story so far is taking place in the 1990s, the time period is closely linked with the time that I was born. I am not saying that majority of the story is based on life experiences, however, I have added experiences that I have had here and there. I am just glad I could get this story out because It had been bugging me for many months. To be honest I do not know how this story formed in my mind but somehow whenever I typed, the words just came out so easily. Thank You to all those who have read the story by the way and hopefully I get more readers in the future 🙂


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