Words I would say to my future daughter- A short story about love


Mummy, why am I ugly?

Ugly? What do you mean?

Why am I ugly?

No, you are not.

You have to say that you are my Mother.

Honey let me tell you a story when you were just born and the doctor placed you in my arms, it only took me thirty seconds to realize what a beautiful baby me and your Father created. When I looked at you I thought to myself “Oh my god we really made one good looking kid.” Then I looked at myself and I thought Oh my god I need to match up to that because up until the time you were born I was very insecure about my looks and when I was pregnant with you I felt horrible about myself because I gained so much weight. Honey what I am trying to say is that you were my motivation, you made me feel beautiful. I started working out as soon as possible and I got into shape again, not because of myself but because of you. I never got to thank you for that so I am doing it now, thank you so much. Now, back to the topic, How is it that you are ugly? You are beautiful, you made me feel beautiful and I always want you to remember that. Before you even consider yourself beautiful just remember that you were the reason for someone to look and feel good about themselves and don’t you ever forget that.  


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