Death and the strange love part 7

Death felt incredibly guilty for what happened and also what was to come for the little girl. Her life would never be the same again, she would now be the object of ridicule and it was all his fault. He forced himself to stop seeing her. He had to, at least for the time being. Until things calmed down a little bit. He was not prepared for what was to come and he did not want to think about the possible problems she was going to face for the rest of her life. But day after day, the guilt began to weigh on him and it was showing. He couldn’t sleep (Although he never got much sleep anyway) and he was extremely distracted at work.

For a supernatural being who was known to be dark and mysterious, he most often than not failed to be secretive when it came to family. His Father Darkness, could smell when someone was lying. He had the uncanny ability to scout out the liers, who would then be able to deliver them to Hell. Night his Mother had good sight, so she was able to spot, who was lying by watching their facial expression intently. “A human’s  real enemy  is their own face, they just cant hide their emotions, no matter what.” His Mother had said, her voice like acid. She often expressed how much she hated humans, because she claimed to see the real nature of humans, their thirst for power, money, superiority,violence. There was a time not longer, Death knew, when humans were pure and innocent. But that time was over, now, was the time for chaos and deception. The time for his siblings. He worried for her, his girl. It took a toll on him, over the next few weeks, as he reaped souls he would think of her, certain parts of her face, eyes, nose even mouth. He longed to see her. There was an undeniable need to see his girl, but he couldn’t, wouldn’t put her through anymore suffering that she had to endure.

Dream, noticed it first. The change in his demeanor. He was on edge most of the time, but lately he seemed distracted. “Is something wrong Brother?” He asked causally once when they were carrying out a reaping together. They worked together on many occasions especially when a human was dying in their sleep. “Whatever do you mean?” He asked irritably. He hadn’t eaten that day and was in an especially snappy mood. Dream smirked at him, it was typical of him to deny anything, Death had always been this way. But as his twin, identical twin to be exact, he couldn’t hide it for long. Death on the other hand was torn between doing his job and trying not to think about his girl. But the more he thought about her the worse he felt.

Thank god that was all it was and nothing serious. Deception had a way of causing pain to others, she was famous for making people feel pain both emotionally
and physically. She always failed to hurt him, he had a pretty good radar when it came to her, he could sense her intentions when she tried to do something to him. He hated her and her sister,all of them hated each other. Only their parents
loved each other, they were Darkness and Night two correlating entities that existed together most of the time.The perfect combination. Death did not have a consort nor did he desire one for that matter. He was happy being alone and he enjoyed his singlehood,
the only problem was that his brother Dream constantly reminded him about how alone he actually was. Lately, he had been worrying a little too much especially about his safety. Death found this ridiculous. How could someone like him be in danger? Who would want to threaten him? He was after all the end of life itself, the inevitable. It was those who were dying that should feel threatened by him. “Brother,” Dream had told him calmly,” I have been having such horrible dreams about you.”

“”What is it now my annoying another half?”

“I have seen you in my dreams and not in a good way. You seemed threatened, full of despair as though an unseen force was disturbing you. Is there something the matter brother? Is there something you are not telling me?”

“What on earth are you talking about?”

Dream smiled.

Death felt his cheeks grow hot. Dream narrows his eyes at him as if he was examining him for the first time. Then he circled around him assessing his physique. “My, my, its been a while since I have seen you stand up straight.”


“Your posture shows remarkable improvement brother.”
Death realized that he was right, he was always slouching, it was what made him comfortable. He was an inch taller than Dream but he slouched most of the time. It was a tactic he used when he wanted to appear threatening.

“Brother is there someone new in your life?” Dream asked finally. Death cleared his throat and glared at him” I don’t know what you are trying to imply but I can assure you that there is none and there has never been.”
Dream laughs. “You know you can tell me anything. I am after all half of you, we are part of each other and we have shared the same womb. I can feel everything you are feeling and it won’t take me long to…..figure what you are hiding.”

“Well, in that case, good luck with that because, newsflash Dream-boy!There is nothing to discover, my love life is as dead as a corpse so can we just close this conversation and get back to more pressing matters such as the dying human we need to
reap the soul from?” He exclaimed furiously. Death and Dream usually worked together when a human died in their sleep and it was up to the both of them to get the human to fall asleep and extract the soul as carefully as possible, souls were balls of energy that were often difficult to catch. They had no fixed direction to travel to so Death served as the guide to the Other side for them, once they reached the In-between where all souls were placed before it was deliberated on where they were headed, his job would be done.
Dream dropped the topic and focused on the task at hand but not before placing a hand on Death’s shoulder and giving it a gentle squeeze.


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