Death and the strange love part 6

It was after her third birthday when things took a turn for the worst. Someone had tipped him off and all his siblings took notice of her. He never wanted anyone to know about her, he had tried his best not to see her, he even tried to forget her, but someone found out and now he had to face the consequences of that. Now, she was being watched by everyone, not just his parents but his despicable siblings as well. He had been angry with her, as usual. She was growing up so fast and so did her beauty inside and out. He was growing anxious, that someone was going to steal her away, take her far way from him, where he couldn’t find her.

She was walking, a lot and everywhere she went, she got praised for it. She was the baby of the family. Her parents would bring her everywhere with them, even for family vacations. He had wanted that kind of attention, the attention from family, which he never got. At this point in her life, at the age of three years old, her life was amazing. She enjoyed life. She would wake up every day with an actual smile and just seize the day. However, she did have those days when she misbehaved, but her Mother was able to combat her diva antics. She liked to play with animal figures, the plastic kind that came in packs of twenty. She would make up stories with the toys, stories that she watched on television and sometimes it got a little too animated. It was a little bit strange to see a little girl talking to her toys as if they were her friends. Death swore that it was because of all cartoons and Disney movies she watched in which humans were able to communicate with animals. She believed in magic, the good magic, the magic that was long gone by the time her century took over . Death was one of the last beings to witness the end of good magic and the beginning of the darker side of magic. A magic so evil and vile that even his own Father was disgusted with it. “These humans, want power, they want to control. But what they don’t understand, is that in the end, it consumes them, mind, body, and soul.”

Indeed dark magic was the end of the human race. It would eventually destroy them just as it destroyed the good magic. Death knew that the Era of Good was almost over and the Era of Evil was here. He could feel it in the elements. It was the most horrible feeling in the world. A dying Earth. It was dying from the inside, and no matter how much you try to repair, it just wouldn’t be the same. But did it phase him in any way? No. He didn’t care that much, he wasn’t a fan of the human race, they were the reason for their constant suffering anyway. All he could do was just sit back and watch it happen, just like what the other Gods were doing. They just watched, because they could only do so much in this lifetime. Humans were supposed to learn how to fix themselves, they had said. Please, humans were far from being fixed. Death saw how heartless they were becoming, how superficial they really were, how sick and twisted they were on the inside.

His siblings were having the time of their lives, destroying the lives of humans. They contributed to their despair and it was both sickening and pathetic to watch. But what he didn’t want to happen, happened. They must have seen him watching her, seen him speak to her that one time. They must have been around when it happened. She became the object of their ridicule and the worst part was that he couldn’t stop it. She was never the same after that. once she was touched by them, she was never right. She was at the playground when it happened. Her cousins were ahead of her playing with their friends. Death had been around watching her from a distance. He sat on the bench and watched as she hurried her little legs over to them. He watched as she tried to get to the other side of the playground and thought about how vulnerable she was. He almost smiled, but then it happened, a flash of black mist and she tripped landing on her left arm. He heard it , the sound of eerie laughter. It was his sister Deception.




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