Early ADULT crisis


I am worried about my life. Okay, that’s pretty vague, to be more specific, I am worried about my future. I am a student right now but, I do not have any direction or plan for the future. The big question on my mind right now is: What should I do? I don’t really want to work in an office and commit to a nine to five job, however, if it comes down to that then I would probably have to suck it up and work in a job like that. I just feel like there is so much more I could do with my life. I am very stressed at the moment and these types of thoughts are what spoils my mood all the time. I also have a student loan to pay, to top it all of.

I get stressed because this point in time I lack the resources needed to make my life better. That much I am aware of, plus I am too easily distracted by the events that take place in my life. I have not told anyone about my plans because honestly, I have none. When I was ten years old, I told I had it all figured out, then one b one I failed to reach specific goals that I had made for myself. Sometimes I feel extremely anxious about what is going happen to me, am I going to be swallowed up by life? I don’t know. That’s the only word I can use now, for I have no other word to use. Is this how everyone who still hasn’t figured it out yet feels?


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