Death and the strange love part 4

He was jealous. He could admit it to himself. She got all the attention, however, which child wouldn’t? Especially the cute and demure kind with the chubby cheeks and the dimples. She was lovely and was always dressed in beautiful clothing. Every day was like a fashion show for her when her Mother picked out her clothes and tried them on her.Her first words were “Mama” and “Papa”. He liked it as much as her parents did. He loved the sound of her voice, it sounded like little bells. Although he wished that her first words were something more interesting like “sky” or “Moon”, something out of the ordinary just like her.

But, he was jealous. She had got more attention than he ever did in his entire lifetime. It actually pissed him off. On the day that she was brought home, her cousin sneaked into her room and planted kisses all over her without her Mother’s knowledge. He never got kisses like that from anyone, not even his Mother who was always busy dealing with the trouble his other siblings caused. This jealousy grew throughout her toddler years and he almost wished that she would get into trouble or get scolded by her parents. His jealousy often got the better of him though, because when she started to learn to walk he would quite often make her trip and fall. She wouldn’t cry but it somehow satisfied him. One day while she was playing in her crib, he appeared before her and told her. She was so distracted by her toys she didn’t even realise he was standing there until he cleared his throat. Once he had gotten her attention, he inched his face closer to hers and stared straight into her deep brown eyes and said it.

“I Hate You.”

She just continued to stare at him. He waited. He wanted her to respond to him. They continued their staring contest until she finally cracked a smile and started laughing hysterically at his face. He rolled his eyes and sighed before disappearing before her eyes, to which she had squealed in delight and clapped her hands. Now, up to this point, we have not discussed, where Death lives. The reason why is because he doesn’t really have a house, in fact, he lives wherever he pleases. The world IS his home. He was a wanderer after all and wanderers didn’t have a fixed place to live.  So after the failed attempt to antagonize the toddler he sat on the roof of her house and vented out his frustration. How could she not find that scary? How could she not find him intimidating? “Such a strange child” he muttered under his breath. He slumped against the rooftop tiles and stared out into the dark night sky. It made him think about his Mother, was she aware of the fact that he was turning into a creepy child stalker? He shook his head, laid back against the tiles and closed his eyes.


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