Death and the strange love part 3

Her little pudgy hands more often than not touched everything. The furniture, her Mother’s makeup, and even her Father’s shorts. She would hold the edge of his shorts and follow him wherever he walked. She also had a fetish for underpants. It was strange. She would grip the edges of an unused underpants and feel the material between her fingers as she drank her milk or ate her food. Her Mother was the second person to notice it apart from Death, though some parents would have stopped their child, she let it be.

Death watched as the infant grew each day, she was a fast learner with a sharp mind. She could have very well been gifted if not for her worrisome nature. She had potential, a lot of it to be exact and it may or may not go to waste. There were times, however, when he was angry with himself, for taking an interest in a lesser being, he was a being of a higher power with immense recognition and was highly feared by all. What was he doing watching over a human? Why was he drawn to her? Why her? Why her? He couldn’t find an absolute answer to this mind boggling problem. It made him angry, he was outright angry about the fact that he didn’t understand why he felt this way about this baby. He wanted, need, to tell someone, to seek their advice. Life would laugh at his face, his brother Sleep would concoct an extra-strong sleeping potion to help him sleep it off, probably and his Mother, Night would simply tell him to get a grip and carry on. One reason why he never asked his Father for advice was that they just could not see eye to eye on many things. Darkness was a rather eccentric man with absolutely no sense of humor and he was the kind of man who could turn a friendly discussion into a full on fistfight and he would almost always win.

Death liked to think of himself as a self-made individual. One who grew up based on his own rules and never had to depend on anyone for help, not even Dream, his twin. Dream was a softy, forever concerned about his twin. It was the twins had when they are born. They could just sense when something was wrong with the other twin. But he didn’t want to bother his Brother with something as silly as this. As for the rest of his siblings, probably not, considering they were very much like their Father, dark and sinister. Furthermore, he didn’t want the infant to have to face anything adverse that would cause her to do drastic things.  For his siblings were some of the most dangerous beings known to mankind.



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