Death and the strange love part 2

She was a lively child. Always running around, playing pretend. She liked to read, draw and role-play.  she was always surrounded by people who loved her and that was enough for her. however what nobody saw was the shy, nervous girl she actually was. If you looked closely into her eyes you could see the worry. There was always something she was worried about and nobody but Death could see it.

He followed her. Everywhere. From the time she came home from the hospital to the very minute she could crawl he was there. He recorded her every move so carefully in his mind and whenever he was bored or done with whatever task he had he would go back to her. She was attractive but not in the way women were supposed to be. Her hair was always cut into a pixie cut with loose curls cascading her forehead. Her eyes were brown, the deepest brown, just like the coffee he got at the coffee shop. He knew she had height even before she had her growth spurt. Her baby fat would fade away as she aged and her body would grow into a more womanly figure. Her mouth was pink and rather tiny like a baby bird and it often remained closed but whenever she smiled, Oh her smile. He longed for her to smile, for her mouth to quirk up and for her dimples to appear. It did something to him, as if he was lit up from within. He had never felt that way in centuries and this little human had managed to do it.

He witnessed her laughter and her tears. He saw everyone including how they felt about her. No that everyone had similar opinions about her. Some adored her whereas some had a sort of resentment towards her. He saw the jealousy surrounding the infant and for the fist time in a long time felt concern for another. She was to face a lot of obstacles in her life he concluded and she was to face them in her own way which meant that for half the time she remained alive nobody would fully understand her inner struggles and nobody could be let into her world. The interior of the infinite universe of her thoughts and unpopular opinions. How he got to know that he could foresee her future, was a rather funny story. She had learned to speak at about two years old, everything she saw she spoke out loud like all Innocent children. He came before her just to see if she would scream or run away in fear, though he hoped she wouldn’t. To his surprise, she didn’t, all she did was point straight at him and yell “Monster!” This for some reason made him panic, as if his cover was blown, but he slowly regained his composure and stood firmly in front of her. This time she stumbled toward him and looked up into his eyes. The minute he laid eyes on her brown ones he saw everything. She would become an emotional person whose emotions would probably get the better of her on most days. But what made him even more worried was her heart. It was prone to break, not by love, loss or tragedy but by disappointment. He saw everything when he looked at her, it was tragic, it was beautiful and it real.



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