Family Drama


“ Miss…Johnson please kindly cooperate with us, we are only trying to help.”


Only trying to help.

I hated that word; it was a word that I had constantly heard throughout my life, a word I despised. I felt my hands shaking, no please don’t, not now. The man in the white suit eyed me suspiciously. I tried my best to sit up straight and appear calm.

“ You have had a history of anger management issues including an assault on a student when you were in middle school.”


“ It was an argument the girl was asking for it,” I said trying my best to reason with her. But she simple purses her lips and continues, “ Tantrums and violent outbursts as well, there was one incident, in particular, involving a pencil in Kindergarten.”

I grimace remembering the time I stabbed Kim Burns with a pencil because she called me dumb.

“ Look I’m fine I got therapy and I moved on with my life, -“

“ I wasn’t done Miss Johnson, I suggest you cooperate or I will have to call for more backup.”

I huffed and glared at her with all the hatred I could possibly have on a stranger.


“ Have you ever taken drugs before?”


“ Medication? Yes.”

“ Really? Because it says here that you were caught with drugs when you were in, let’s see, Junior year?”


“ It was for my nerves, the file would have told you that.”

She grimaced at me.


“ Well Miss Johnson, there definitely seems to be a problem here.”


I straightened up and looked at her eagerly, hoping that they had made a terrible mistake.


“ You were brought today because  according to your sisters, you were showing signs of bipolar disorder, but upon further investigation and also with the help of your previous therapist, I have come to realize that there is more to the story.”


I frowned at what she said, she noticed my reaction and slid the file to me.

“ We have all night, Miss Johnson.”


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