I was running. Something was chasing me, something vile and sinister I could feel it laughing menacingly behind me. I didn’t know where exactly I was running to because I was in some deep dark forest that I wasn’t familiar with. The monster was gaining on me and I could feel his footsteps stomping behind me. I tried my hardest not to turn and look because I knew I would freak I saw it’s face and I would faint. “You can’t run from me forever darling…” it hissed and I shrieked “Help me!” I screeched but nobody was around. Suddenly I tripped over a fallen branch and landed and landed facedown on the ground. I tried to get up but the moment I looked up I saw it, the dark figure that had been chasing me it stood just a few feet away and glared at me with its glowing red eyes. I sat paralyzed awaiting my impending doom.The creature crouched low and stared intently at me and I knew the end was near. I hurriedly shut my eyes not wanting to look anymore when just as I expected to be pounced on a pair of arms encircled me and I came into contact with something warm and hard.


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