Harry Potter


Who here, cannot get into the colossal fandom known as Harry Potter? I got into o when I was six years old. I think the first movie just got released and I have hooked right away. I didn’t watch the first movie in the theater, shocking right? But it was because I couldn’t find the time to do it as I was a very busy little lady back then. No, I just didn’t go watch it.

I’m not going to explain how amazing Harry Potter is because the only way a person can truly appreciate the story is if they read it themselves. I highly recommend you read the books first instead of watching the movies first, however, I am aware of the fact that there are visual learners out there so the choice is still yours. In terms of a favorite book, I really love the third book and the sixth book. The third book was the introduction to some of the best, supporting characters in a book series, specifically Lupin and Sirius, I had this strange liking for Sirius because of his animagi. In fact, I still till this very day wish they made a prequel with all the marauders in it, I WOULD WATCH IT. I always wanted to see that play out on the big screen. I mean the entire series was adapted into eight movies and now you have Fantastic Beasts which is equally amazing, so why not make a prequel such as this?



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