Interior of a person: An Analysis


This art piece was actually something that happened unintentionally. I wanted to do a self-portrait but in the end, I ended up painting this, which is actually the inside of myself. This honestly looks like the thermal effect on my Macbook camera 🙂 but after painting it I realized that it could represent something more which was the layers we all have within ourselves. As humans, I believe that we are not just one personality, we have a variety of personalities.

It’s something innate in all of us and they make up the people that we become but we only reveal everything to a selected few who want us, who are willing to stand with us through it all. Who loves us. I have yet to meet that many people out there who are willing to go all the way for someone. This painting has a variety of colors the yellows represent the warmth, the happiness, and joy the red represents the anger and the pink represents the sadness. The black part represents the dark and twisted side of all of us. There is so much red on the outer layers because at the time that I was painting this I was going through something that was giving me a lot of frustration. There was a lack of happiness which is why I didn’t have much yellow in me. The pink was the sorrow that I experienced when I was going through the issue, I represented sadness with pink because I hate the color pink. HAHHAHAHAHA

The background is painted dark blue to represent the surrounding negative vibes I was experiencing as a result of that ordeal I had to go through. So, you could say that I was in a bad place when I painted such a painting and it can be clearly illustrated by the way this was painted.


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