Looking for a way : an analysis


So, I started drawing anatomy, at first it was rather overwhelming because I felt extremely uncomfortable doing it. But upon seeing the artworkt of others I began to realise just how liberating it feels to be able to draw oneself self without any restraint. Not everyone agrees with this in fact they often sneer or get extremely offended. I’m not really into the full on nude drawings at the moment, but I have dabled in it a little and had a wonderful time laughing at all my mistakes. This particular piece I did highlights the dimness of hope. The girl is looking upwards as if trying to find what hope she has left in this world. The look on her face kind of represents what every young adult feels when they are finding their way through the hardships life offers them. Her aparent nudity represents hers vulnerability. How she is facing each obstacle without a shield, thats basically how every young adult feels when they are navigating through adulthood.


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