Angel with black wings: An analysis


If you go to my other blog đŸ™‚ Then, you can probably check out my artwork that I do when I trying to behave like an artist. Ha. Ha. I don’t consider myself an artist but I like art and I can’t help it. This is a new segment I’m going to do to explain or try to explain in detail as to why I create the art that I do, so yeah, My artwork.


This particular piece that I did back in, if I’m not wrong 2015 was something that I only painted in 2016 because I wanted to get the right shades of color to make it a really good piece. So, I used to be really into mythology and folklore, I cant say that I am not into it right now it’s just that I’m kind of selective in what I believe in. Angels have always fascinated and confused me. Do they walk on this earth just like human beings? Do they take the form of humans? Do they really watch over us? Its pretty hard to say what with all the crisis going on in the world today. My angel is much more sombre and darker I suppose. His demeanour itself is relatively stern but the way his body is angled shows that he does have a softer side to him because he is turning to look back and that signifies his awareness as though he is fully aware of what is going on despite being so stern and authoritative. His wings are black and huge because I wanted him to appear as a sort of guardian to those who need security and comfort, the underdogs, the ones who don’t really have a voice in society, the ones who shy away and are not really acknowledged. The gold tips symbolises the hidden secrets and potential each of us possess within us and his job is to draw them out. So my angel is basically a celestial being who protects the weak and innocent and draws out their untapped potential.


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