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I do have another account which I guess I’ll use for writings. But this blog is kind of different because, It is mostly for pictures, videos and art (Which I do a lot) I will probably do  reflections for the art pieces that I do but, you can mostly expect pictures, just a lot of pictures. I’m not really good with words so this is how I choose to express myself.


Who am I

Who am I ?

Who am I.

Why do I matter?
If you care
To have a seat with

I Am a
Girl why do you carry
such sorrow within yourself?
You have everything
the world is yours for the taking
Me to places Ive never been to
the man Ill never say I love you
Would have made my life rich
Is what Ill never be
The person you want
to fit in maybe not
I am just a girl
who is trying to live
with no restraint to find
out not my strengths but
my demons and love
is hard
to speak freely is a chore
which may or may not come easy for me
a girl

Death and the strange love part 10

She was growing up fast. His little girl was growing taller. Her body was leaner, cheeks losing their puppy fat. She was incredibly active with an overactive imagination. It was too much for the other children for she was deemed an extreme. Her mind was always somewhere else, in a world only she understood. The world in which she sought refuge from the meanness of people. They made her do it. She had no choice.

They clouded her mind and distracted her from every opportunity to be the best that she could be. She would often get remarkable ideas in her mind but before she could carry out such ideas they would block her thoughts and make her forget. They would snatch such ideas and crumble them to dust. Deception would laugh at the confusion on her face, whenever she would try to explain herself to someone, the words just wouldn’t come out right. This was the beginning of her humiliation. Her boldness was fading away giving way to embarrassment an emotion that would stay with her always. She was five. Her childhood was getting ruined. Death could only watch what evil could do to someone as good and pure as his little girl. Their evilness was causing her to lose herself. To become an object, a doll. They would fill her head with the most sinister images of humanity. They would only allow her to feel emotions that they desired. She was starting to withdraw from the world, her parents did not see it at first, but she felt it. The shift, in herself. The change but there was a tingling sensation in her chest, a feeling of pure dread and she knew life was about to change but not for the better. He wanted to help, he wanted to do something, tell someone, but by doing so he would jeopardize her existence as well as his. If his parents found out they would erase every trace of memory he had of her, supernatural beings were not supposed to associate with the humans, it was against all the law of the universe. The universe itself was sneaky. it knew all, meaning it listened, that was the truth, the universe has always been listening, it just takes some time to fulfill everyone’s needs. For all he knew, the universe may have picked up on his fascination with the little girl and it was doing everything in its power to stop them from interacting. Perhaps it was the universe that ratted him out to his siblings? He would never know.

The universe was not a physical being, it was everywhere both material and nonmaterial. It had no definite body or shape, it could exist as anything. It was all and it knew all. It knew about his siblings, his birth, her birth. He tried, one night to ask it for help, but he did not get a straight answer. It was the day after her fall, he was extremely worried about the trouble that was to come so, he approached the universe pleading with it to watch over her, to try to make her time on earth less painful. But he heard no response, not a sound. He almost felt embarrassed, no supernatural being that he had ever known had begged for the well-being of a human, let alone him. He was surprised at himself for doing it. What was wrong with him?