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I do have another account which I guess I’ll use for writings. But this blog is kind of different because, It is mostly for pictures, videos and art (Which I do a lot) I will probably do ¬†reflections for the art pieces that I do but, you can mostly expect pictures, just a lot of pictures. I’m not really good with words so this is how I choose to express myself.


Who am I

Who am I ?

Who am I.

Why do I matter?
If you care
To have a seat with

I Am a
Girl why do you carry
such sorrow within yourself?
You have everything
the world is yours for the taking
Me to places Ive never been to
the man Ill never say I love you
Would have made my life rich
Is what Ill never be
The person you want
to fit in maybe not
I am just a girl
who is trying to live
with no restraint to find
out not my strengths but
my demons and love
is hard
to speak freely is a chore
which may or may not come easy for me
a girl