Death and the strange love part 7

Death felt incredibly guilty for what happened and also what was to come for the little girl. Her life would never be the same again she would now be the object of ridicule and it was all his fault. He forced himself to stop seeing her. He had to, at least for the time being. Until…

Writing an essay

You got this You know what to do just grab your pen and begin The paper is right in front of you, so just start already. Why not? What are you waiting for? Okay carry on Wait a minute. Are you answering the question? Did you check the question? Look at your main idea Look…


It would be nice if I could get feedback on my poetry and writings because I really need input on whether or not my writing is good 😄

You Are My Best Friend: A poem to all the friends I have met

I wake up and go to school I scan the crowds of students searching for you Then I see your bright eyes and I am instantly calmer You smile I smile We make it through another day Of schoolwork, nagging and constant hysteria I look at you and I know you are The only thing…

Girl 2

Made a template to pick out the colors for my Girl Potrait can’t wait to paint this !